Imperial Court

Auxiliary to the A.E.A.O.N.M.S., P.H.A.


45th Imperial Commandress -- Dt. Alicia J. Chisolm

Imperial Commandress Alicia J. Chisolm

At the 104th Imperial Court Session in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dt. Alicia J. Chisolm became the 45th Imperial Commandress of the Imperial Court having responsibility of serving a membership of more than 9,500 Daughters in over 200 Courts, in the United States, Canada, Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Far East, Asia, Korea and Western Europe.

THEME: Above all remember, CHARITY and RESPECT
MOTTO: Striving for even finer womanhood through the word TRUTH
SCRIPTURE: "The Lord is my light and my salvation --whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life --whom shall I be afraid". PSALMS 27: 1
FAVORITE HYMN: "Precious Lord"

"All Honor and Praise to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ: Lord, I thank you for having kept me always. To my life partner and husband: thanks for being my biggest supporter, you are definitely the wind beneath my wings. I love you. To my children - the love and lights of my life. Thanks for all of your love and support. Along with your Dad, all of you together make up my support beams. Respect and acknowledgement to my father and mother, who I believe are smiling down on me today. My Dad who taught me that being compassionate is a strength, not a weakness; that there is never a good reason to lie or steal, that one should never wish anything bad on another because it will befall you (this is often illustrated by the "dig two holes theory)." My mother, who taught me how to defense myself and how to fight in many different ways to protect myself and my family. Both of you taught me to help others, especially family and friends and to give freely.

To the members of this fine organization, who have entrusted me to serve as your Leader, thank you from the depths of my heart and know that I do truly care for each of you. To you, I pledge to serve to the very best of my ability and to represent you in an outstanding manner, working for the betterment of our Great Order and each of you. Knowing that no one gets to where they are, entirely on their own, I am thankful for everyone who has helped me to get to this important place in my life. And I say to you that:

Together we will strive, prosper and grow by: Working together in peace; Working to increase our membership; and Working to serve our communities. We plan to implement projects and programs for the growth and the benefit of our organization, thru Training, Military (DOI) Department and first and foremost Membership Increase by a special Reclamation Project as well as continuing many others.

In closing, you are urged to "Strive for even Finer Womanhood thru the word TRUTH to be: True to each other --Righteousness --Untiring service to others --Teaching tolerance and peaceful interactions by --Healing Relationships. Remember, "Since we cannot know what is in another's heart, judging others is unwise and often unkind." The Upper Room Together we can strive, prosper and grow when we have: Respect for each other, Respect for our organization and Respect for our communities. We are challenged to above all remember, Charity and Respect to:

"Remove conflicts- Erase disrespect- Sincerity- Peace- Empathy- Compassion- Truth
Charity- Honesty- Avoid conflict- Resolve differences- Integrity- Temperance- Yield not to confusion."

Yours in the Faith,

Alicia J. Chisolm

Dt. Alicia J. Chisolm (43)
45th Imperial Commandress