Imperial Court

Auxiliary to the A.E.A.O.N.M.S., P.H.A.


Imperial Court Divan 2018 - 2019

  • Imperial Commandress

    Dt. Josephine Stokes-Wheat (15)
    Imperial Commandress

  • Dt. Jacqualine Brown Arradondo

    Dt. Jacqualine Brown Arradondo (22)
    Deputy Imperial Commandress

  • Dt. Paulette Brown

    Dt. Paulette Brown (21)
    Imperial 1st Lt. Commandress

  • Dt. Gwendolyn Moore

    Dt. Gwendolyn A. Moore (1)
    Imperial 2nd Lt. Commandress

  • Dt. Karen Wright-Chisolm

    Dt. Karen Wright-Chisolm (128)
    Imperial High Priestess

  • Dt. Bridget Archer

    Dt. Bridget Archer (80)
    Imperial Oriental Guide

  • Dt. Shelia Williams

    Dt. Shelia Williams (133)
    Imperial Treasurer

  • Dt. Joyce A. Fountaine

    Dt. Joyce A. Fountaine (42)
    Imperial Recordress

  • Dt. Zena L. Tingle

    Dt. Zena L. Tingle (53)
     Imperial 1st Ceremonial Daughter

  • Dt. Cheryl R. Eggleston

    Dt. Cheryl R. Eggleston (23)
    Imperial 2nd Ceremonial Daughter

  • Dt. Joan Campbell

    Dt. Joan Campbell (210)
    Imperial Inside Spy

  • Dt. Ernestine Pratt

    Dt. Ernestine Pratt (206)
    Imperial Outside Spy